Internship and Education Opportunities in Mauritius and Abroad

IPCS Ltd offers a wide variety of internship and education opportunities in Mauritius and other countries worldwide


We provide internship and education
opportunities to students in different institutions
and universities in Mauritius and abroad


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We help you find the best internship and education opportunities in Mauritius or abroad suited for your needs

IPCS Ltd offers a wide range of internship and education opportunities for students in Mauritius and abroad in pretigious 5-star hotels. We also offer a wide range of education opportunities for students in Mauritius and abroad.

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All our previous interns were very happy with our services

Druv Patel Student

I had an international internship in Mauritius in The bay hotel. I had done all process through IPCS Ltd. Every process was very professional and accurate. All the information given by the team was correct and perfect. My all documents and visa process was very smooth. I had a warm welcome and pick up facilities from airport. I was having a beautiful house to stay suggested by IPCS. One of the IPCS team member took me to the hotel and had an introduction with hotel. Hotel was very nice and staff was good and you get a good reference if you go through IPCS. There was a very hard time as there was lockdown in Mauritius. But IPCS team helped us with each and every problem. They provide food and even helped me be in touch with embassy to go back to my country when all flights were cancelled. Thanks for your valuable service.

Nibhant Yabh Student

Very professional service. No room for errors. The Director will go out of her way to make your stay a memorable one. Whether it is with the house or the firm where you will be based. Very attentive to detail. The price is also very competitive as compared to other existing internship companies in Mauritius. Would highly recommend. Thank you so much for giving this amazing opportunity. The best internship company in Mauritius is definitely IPCS Ltd. 5-star rating.

Iyanah Seeneevassen Student

First of all a big thanks to Mrs. Davina, she was really helpful concerning everything I very happy with the service Im currently working in Dubai Its a wonderful experience ✨ Thank you once again forthis opportunity Really fast service πŸ’ž

Ashree Gunnoo Student

It’s been great to work with Mrs Davina.. Very professional and very helpful. I highly recommend international placement if anyone would like to received international experience.. Very smooth and fast process.. thanks once again Mrs Davina 😊

Sarah Al Student

Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity πŸ™‚ my sincere appreciation to you Mrs Davina.

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